Online Registration and Payment Guide

Step 1

Click on the appropriate link below to open the RugbyLink website:
Please note: You will need a valid email address to register online.
Rego Step 1
Screenshot: The RugbyLink website (Seniors/Students registration page)

Step 2

Rego Step 2
Screenshot: How to search for your account
Rego Step 2
Screenshot: An example of the email sent with your new ID and password
Rego Step 2 no email
Screenshot: Player record was found, but has no valid email address

Step 3

Rego Step 3
Screenshot: Choose membership type. Students will be required to show ID at the Club later.

Step 4

Rego Step 4
Screenshot: Enter name, address, phone, email, etc

Step 5

Rego Step 5 top
Screenshot: Review details - the Edit Details button
Rego Step 5 bottom
Screenshot: Review details - the Terms and Conditions checkbox

Step 6

Rego Step 6
Screenshot: Pay registration with Credit Card

Step 7

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