City Beach, 4th June 2017 saw another landmark day in the development of the Curtin Irish Ladies rugby team.  Those who have been following our antics know that in January pre-season started with only a handful of experienced players, taking the pitch 3 months later in their first ever game, to winning their first game a few weeks ago.  It has been an amazing journey, and one that will continue in the months and years ahead.


To reward our brave warrior princesses the coaching team, with the backing of both clubs, sponsored a team building day.  This was a whole day experience designed to reward and more importantly to build a sense of team, belonging and family.

Here are some photos and a bit of commentary about the day, enjoy!

7am, it was cold and a little breezy, the swell was, well I don’t know what the swell was like, I know nothing about surfing, it looked good.  The ladies started assembling and had absolutely no idea what was about to happen over the next 12-18 hours.

FredFirst up let’s introduce Fred, had to be taken care of all day or fines will be given.  30 minutes into the day and the ladies allowed Fred to be kidnapped.  Extra drills on the beach and drinks at the court session, but they had no idea at this point the consequences.  We, as coaches were having a lot of fun! 


MJ, an excellent Pilates instructor got the girls warmed up for an hour.  It was a great way to blow out the cobwebs, warm up the joints and muscles, and find muscles you never thought you had.  Lets of grunting, moaning to start with.  But as the session went on, things got better.  MJ was outstanding, brilliant session which everyone enjoyed.  If interested please find MJ at

Team Photo

Next we moved onto the beach.  Whilst still caring for Fred, the girls in 2 teams had to also carry a ten litre container of their drinking water for the day and eggs were introduced into some of the drills.  Various forms of relay races, throwing and catching eggs, diving in the sand and basically thoroughly enjoying themselves for a good 60 minutes. Here are some evidentiary photos of the pure bliss they endured.

In the sandFred

Beach Run

Beach RunBeach Run

Breaky at Clancy’s Fish N Chips Café was next, great service and an excellent way to start the next phase of the day.  The girls still had no idea what was to come.  Up next drive back to Belmont to the home of Perth Irish Rugby.  Phase two was now about to start.

Up first, we thought the ladies might like some recovery time, lots of bumps and aches from previous weeks, so welcome to deep massage therapy.  Game on Sports and Remedial Massage came in with 4 therapists to give the ladies a good rubbing down, they will need it for the rest of the day that was for sure.


The session included an introduction informing the girls about the benefits of sports massage.  You see, it’s all about learning, It’s all about knowing why, not just being told you have to.  See the 4 ladies standing on one foot at the back?  Punishment for being late to the session.

If you are interesting in the services from Game On you can find them at


During the massages the ladies were then introduced to long term player development and the principals which define it.  It was an opportunity for each individual to reflect on their own past performance and development.  Question themselves about their strengths and weaknesses and also to self assess where they believe they could improve.  The plan then is for each player to sit individually with the coaching team to discuss their current capabilities and put a personalised development plan to support the players in achieving their goals as a player and a team member.



Okay, now it was time to hit the field, time to show your true grit and determination with some excruciating fitness drills.  This was all about taking the ladies to the next level in what it takes to get fit as a rugby player.  Short bursts of power and speed building up the lactic acid and then recovering whilst still in action.  It is an incredibly hard thing to train and only through demonstrating what it takes could they ever have a chance or learning what is required.  Enjoy the next few photos.





The Finger

I think this sums up how much the girls appreciated the 4 hours of fitness they were put through.

Rob Canella

Before the evening courts session started and the camera and reporters note book put away, we had one more session for the team.  We invited Rob Canella to come and talk to the girls about mental health.  A very important subject and one that has had a lot of publicity in recent times.  The 30 minute talk was about personal issues and thoughts of taking one’s own life.  The aim for this discussion was to ensure the girls knew they had a pathway to being able to open up, to break the stigma of this topic and hopefully provide support to any of the players who felt they needed it. 

The ladies were then given 20 minutes with just them in the room to talk about what they had heard and give them an opportunity to open up and air any issues they had.  Feedback since was that this was one of the best sessions on the day.  Indication of how serious and how important this aspect of player welfare is.

OKAY, so dinner was about to arrive, the van full of booze for the court session and subsequent antics of squatting each other, testing your mates abs by beating on them, probably some Irish dancing and definitely lots of drinking.  But before that 30 minutes of touch rugby, just to get the thirst going.  All in all, a fantastic day for the ladies and the coaches, thank you to everyone involved.  This broadcast is now about to black out.  Thank you and goodnight.

The End

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