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The regular season games for the Goats this year. Check it out to see where the Goats are playing next!

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Womens Rugby

CU Rugby have joined forces with the Perth Irish to form the Curtin Irish Ladies team. It's taking off, so get on board!

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Season 2019
11Coastal Cavaliers185130416490-74727
12Southern Lions186120409621-212226
14Curtin Rugby1811701321279-114704
Season 2019
5Coastal Cavaliers1812607583613971058
8Southern Lions18990638524114743
14Curtin Rugby180180491551-150200
Season 2019
8Coastal Cavaliers18711053343994937
9Southern Lions187110379493-114735
14Curtin Rugby180180201631-161100
Season 2019
4Curtin Rugby155100173647-474525
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10 Dec - Happy Birthday Lin Malone!!
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4 Dec - Who you gunna call? GOAT-BUSTERS!! This year we’ve got a massive 14 teams competing in next weekend’s Beach Touch Footy We just love rugby too much!
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3 Dec - Did you catch the Perth Rams RUFC in the Pride Festival over the weekend!! Awesome work boys 🐏🐏🐏
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1 Dec - Freo Goat Crawl this Saturday! The Barbarians know what’s up. Stay tuned for the itinerary. Can’t wait to see the goat family once again!
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29 Nov - Support the Rams tomorrow night as they march through the streets of Perth for the Pride Parade 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 Good lucks boys!! 🏳️‍🌈 Tomorrow night The Rams will be marching in the 2019 Perth Pride Parade! ✨ Come support us and be a part of the celebration of our amazing community on the streets of Northbridge from 8pm. ❤️ Checkout the Pride WA page for the parade route and more details. #PerthPrideParade #pridefest2019 #pridewa #pride #diversity #gayrugby #igrugby #partofmore #inclusiverugby #rugbyforall #lgbtsports #prideinsport #gaysports #gayperth #perthsports
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27 Nov - For those of you stuck on what to wear at next week's Goats Xmas Crawl. KMart have you covered for only $20
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23 Nov - A great story out east from a fellow Goat club. Inspiring to us all here at Goatland
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22 Nov - She’s off 👋 Coming back better than ever next time we see her too, like Sandy in Grease. Our ENFORCER Rugby Scrum Machines needs a lil bit of maintenance before we crack into it again this up coming season.
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20 Nov - Just 3 short weeks away!! Hope you’ve all got your outfits sorted and for those unlucky in love carry around a bit of mistletoe all night. 🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼 40 Went · 36 Interested
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19 Nov - Would you have a look at that! The Goats All-Time point scorer is back in the paddock! Get down for the Goats Academy with ex Samoan International, Hurricanes and Highlanders legend, Lio Falaniko. South Oval (Curtin AFL grounds) for a 6:15pm start. $5 per session.
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19 Nov - Hey Boys, do any you know any eng students with some drafting/autocad experience? Just wanting to get some basic 2D drawings knocked up, potentially some other data entry work as well.
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19 Nov - Get rugby into your school next year!
Keen for your kid to learn the rugby basics at school? Make sure your school applies for Term 1 funding and chooses ‘Rugby Union’ before November 22! Register:
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14 Nov - We’re back on baby!!! From previous reports we heard Bay of Plenty will be feeding into a Chinese based team. Is this the unconfirmed ‘Team Asia’ or will they become the ‘Beijing Steamers’? You backing the Force or you found your new favourite team?
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12 Nov - GOATS ACADEMY Continues on tomorrow at 6:15pm. The free 2 week trial is now over, all following sessions from here will cost $5 each. Totalling $55 over the 12 week course. Don’t forget all remaining sessions are on the South Oval, home of the Curtin Wesley AFL club.
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8 Nov - Our top physio with all the top tips!!
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8 Nov - BREAKING NEWS!!! 🐳 v 🐐 The Artic Belugas will take on the Curtin Uni Goats in the first ever animal only rugby match. Venue TBD. Apparently belugas can’t survive outside of water
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6 Nov - UP THE RAMS!!! What an incredible day down at Pride WA Fairday over the weekend! Always a great way to kick off Pride Month here in Perth and join the other community groups making a difference. Big thanks to Retravision for providing us with a raffle prize and being a major supporter of Pride Month! #pride #diversity #gayrugby #igrugby #partofmore #inclusiverugby #rugbyforall #lgbtsports #prideinsport #purchascup #gaysports #gayperth #perthsports #gaybrisbane
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5 Nov - Due to emerging works at Edinburgh Oval tonight's session, and all going forward, will take place at South Oval. Plenty of nearby parking. If you're unsure where to go you can go to the Clubhouse and a friendly Goat Jogger will escort you down on the 2min walk. Same time. See you all there.
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29 Oct - GOATS RUGBY ACADEMY BEGINS TONIGHT!!! Off-Season Strength, Conditioning and Skills Development Program With Lio Falaniko (Personal Trainer and former professional Rugby Union Player) The Program itself will be 2-phase, with specific targets: Muscle Strength & Size (8wks); Skills, Power & Agility (5wks); A Weights Training Plan will be provided to Participants. Testing sessions will be held periodically to track progression. Coaching and development of skills, power and agility of which is beneficial to Rugby Union players. Training will be 6.15pm every Tuesday evening at Edinburgh Oval, Curtin University, from 29 Oct – 17 Dec (Phase 1) and 07 Jan – 04 Feb (Phase 2). Conditions: All people looking to take part in the program MUST register their interest with Curtin Rugby via Facebook Messenger. The first two (2) weeks of the program are free. From then on a payment of $5 per week applies (total max. $55 for 13wks). All participants MUST be registered players with RugbyWA. A ‘training only’ registration is available for those not yet registered.
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28 Oct - The future is looking bright 🤩🤩


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